Construction and Energy

Many Years of Experience in the Building and Energy Sector

Processes behind the development of new technologies, solutions, and those leading to the implementation of new procedures in order to adapt them to constantly changing conditions, have become more and more dependent on international cooperation and communication, which continues to gradually replace intranational communication. Building and energy sectors are nowadays a part of a wider, global economic structure, a significant feature of which is the continuous and intense international exchange of information, technology or know-how. Therefore the reliable and precise translation of all kinds of documentation has become an increasingly significant element of this economic structure of an increasingly international character. FOREFRONT provides high-quality translation carried out by people with many years of experience in the technical field, who are familiar with many specific aspects and demands of today's building and energy sector.

We translate documentation such as: 

  • Feasibility studies
  • Technical descriptions
  • Technical drawings
  • Technical specifications
  • Material data sheets
  • Approvals and certificates
  • Quality documentation
  • As-built documentation
  • Tender documentation